Housing & Construction Industry




Al-Humdulilla Pakistani economy is rapidly growing very fast. The Government of Pakistan are proactively assisting financial facilities for housing and construction Industry through HBFC (House Building Finance Corporation) and by other financial Institutions. Remittances from Overseas Pakistanis and local investors are playing most vital role in Real Estate Sector. The major reason of boom in the housing and construction Industry is commencement of mage development work with vast communications and infrastructure like Highways, Flyovers, Motor Ways, Dams, Mega Power Projects, Skyline High-rise Buildings, Gawadar Port, CPAK (Pak-China Coridor). THE GAME CHANGER FOR THE REGION. The HOUSING AND CONSTRUCTION private sector alone providing a great opportunity to invest 250 billion annually for the next 15years. The housing and construction industry growing upto 8% (Eight percent) as against 3.2% of last year, with growing yearly target upto 5.5% (Five point Five percent) per annum. The Government of Pakistan is encouraging private sector to play  major role to construct more and more shelters for the shelters less Pakistanis